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Encrypted Websites Will Now Get A Boost In Google Search Rankings


Encrypted Websites Will Now Get A Boost In Google Search Rankings

Google wants to make the Internet a safer place and has worked hard to improve their own security over the years. Today Google announced they’re taking their dedication to security a step further by making HTTPS a ranking signal.

Google has been running tests over the past few months using encrypted connections as a ranking signal. After seeing positive results, Google will be using HTTPS as a…

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Community Groups Were Duped Into Joining the Telecom Industry's Anti-Net-Neutrality Coalition

What do an environmental group in Ohio, a small military radio program, and a network of rural hospitals in Texas all have in common? They appear on a list of coalition members for a group pressuring the government to abandon net neutrality—rules to prevent broadband providers from creating internet fast and slow lanes—but claim they did not intend to sign up for any such advocacy.

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This is Comcast’s internal handbook for talking customers out of canceling service
Remember that Comcast customer service representative who just wouldn’t let Ryan Block cancel his service? That employee was in Comcast’s retention department, which is a customer’s last stop on their way out. Retention specialists are trained to persuade a customer to stay, or at least not cancel all their lines of service.

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